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We Feature All Types Of High Impact Ad-Banner, Ad-Button, Flash-Ad
And Ad-Link Packages For All Types Of Businesses.
We Can Custom Design A Very Cost Effective Advertising Program To Fit All Types Of Businesses, Large Or Small. Advertising And Corporate Sponsorship On This Super Web Site - Itís Effective !!!

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Get The On-Line Advertising Advantage Your Business Needs!

This Super Web Site offers the perfect Internet advertising and link venue coupled with high impact Internet marketing and high profile Presence positioning for your web site and business. By creating a High Traffic Super Web Site that net surfers would come to for its utilitarian content and use, we have provided an ideal environment to advertise, promote & present your business.

We Are A Direct Gateway For Web Surfers To Find Your Business

Think of your Ad Module, Ad-Banner, Ad-Button, Flash-Ad or Ad Link as an instant gateway to your companyís Home Page. Your Ads and Web Pages can take Net surfers DIRECTLY to your on-line content with the click of a mouse.

Keep in mind that this SUPER WEB SITE was conceived and built as a pro-active and unique multi-faceted delivery mechanism for business sales, advertising, marketing and promotion. Todayís future thinking businesses are staking their claims on the ever increasing power and influence of the Internet by advertising on it and establishing a High Impact World Wide Web Presence.

The newest and fastest-growing opportunity for on-line business sales is advertising on the Internet, specifically on the World Wide Web. Small to mid-size companies will benefit most from this Internet explosion, because the Internet offers a more level playing field to those smaller organizations that could never before afford the advertising and distribution costs that the larger companies could. While the major companies are investing enormous amounts of money for their own Web servers and Internet Presence, smaller companies can get the same, if not better, high impact exposure for substantially less money by advertising on this Super Web Site.

Because all ads and ad categories are available to an unlimited number of Internet users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they can be read and absorbed at the pace and convenience of the reader.

In television advertising, where and when an ad shows up is extremely important (we all know how much people pay for those Superbowl time slots). On the Internet, an adís placement is also essential but placing an ad on the Internet is far less expensive than it is on television. You can place your Ad-Link on our high traffic Super Web Site in over 1245 unique category sections. When you advertise on this Super Web Site, you target and reach a large diverse audience, at a tiny fraction of the relative price !
We guarantee it !


If you are not satisfied with the results you get from advertising on this High
Impact Web Site we will repeat the entire run of your ad at no charge whatsoever.

Advantages Of Advertising On This High Impact Web Site

Expand Your Markets... Around The Corner & Around The World...
  • Gain Instant Access To A Global MarketPlace Of 60+ Million, Steadily Growing At A Million
         Users Each Month.
  • Promote & Make Your Company Known To The World Through The World Wide Web.
  • Announce New Products, Grand Openings, Special Sales, Etc. - WorldWide!
  • Utilize The Web As A Remote Sales Tool, From Anywhere In The World.
  • Present & Issue Cyber-Discounts To Stimulate Sales - No Mailing Or Printing Costs
  • Deliver Your Company Advertising, Promotions & Messages To Millions - Instantly At Little Or
         No Cost
  • Lower Your Costs While Enhancing Sales, Satisfaction & Awareness...
  • Promote Your Entire Company 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week
  • Instantly Link Potential Customers To Your Home Page, On-line Catalogs & Brochures.
  • Gain The Advantage Of A Secure, Low-Cost Means Of Handling Commercial Transactions
  • Process Customer Orders & Inquiries On-line In Real-Time.
  • Collect & Respond To Customer Inquiries & Feedback On-line.
  • Capture Qualified Target Markets With An Average Income Of $52,000 Per Annum.
  • Enhance Your Corporate & Public Image - World Wide
  • Set Up, Update & Maintain Your Complete Company Image On-line - Instant Public Relations
  • Publish & Post Warranty, Customer Service, Policy Information & Job Openings On-line.
  • Publish Your Store Or Business Locations, Directions & Hours On-line.

    This High Impact Web Site is continually being cross-indexed and cataloged in over 550 major Web directories, catalogs and search engines. Every time a person accesses This site, your Home Page will just be a click away.

    Our expert technical and marketing staff can design and implement a total Internet advertising solution that meets all your business needs. Businesses can place a simple ad-link, advertisement or a full-service virtual on-line storefront on our Super Web Site with no hassle and relatively low expenditure.

  • Just Call: 212-967-9455
    For All Advertising Information, 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week
    High Impact Advertising Packages Starting At Just $99.00 Per Year

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