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Aparna's Quotations Page CCEE Quotes Archive
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations Bon Mots from the Supermodels
Aaron Fuegi's Collected Quotations Aaron Fuegi's Fortunes page
Advertising Quotes Alison's Favorite Quotations
Aphorisms Galore Au fil de mes lectures
Baertracks Creative Impulses Best of Edward Gibbon
Best of Net Quotes Betsy's Quotation Page
Bill Gates: The Myth, The Man, The Lovin' Machine BilLee's Fabulous Quotes Pages
Book of Famous Quotes Bookquotes
Brendan Connell's Quotes Page Carrie's Compilation of Cool Quotes
Carrie's Quotes of Inspiration Ceez's Quotes
Cheryl's Quotations Christian Quotation of the day
Chux Silly Quotes Page Clint's Famous Quotations
Cole's Quotables Collection Of Inspirational Quotations, A
Conner's Unfamiliar Quotations Conventional Wisdom
Creative Quotations Curmudgeon Quotelist
Dan Quayle Quotes@ Dave's Favorite Quotations
Deep Thoughts - by Jack Handey@ Doctor Who Quotes
Doug Turner's Quotation Server Doug's Page of Quotations
Douglas Adams Quote Directory Eric Egolf's Very Own Quote Collection
Famous Quotations Famous Quotes Pages
Favorite Quotes by Eli Khamarov Francis Scott Fitzgerald Quotes
Frank Lloyd Wright Quotes@ Gabriel's Horn
Good Quotes by Famous People Great Aviation Quotes
Greg's Holy Quotes of Antiquity Growing List of Quotes
Humor Quotes and Deep Thougts I Can't Believe They Said That
Inspiration Point Inspirational Quotes From The Hitchhiker's Books
Introspect Library Jim's Favorite Famous Quote
Joakim's Quotes & Aphorisms Ken's Quote Serve
Kerrie's Quote Page Labor Quotes
Larry Charbonneau's Quotes Page List of Quotations about Libraries and Librarians
Listening Quotes loQtus - quotations server
Love and Marriage Quotations Mad Amishman: Thoughts for the Day
Mark Twain Quotations Mathematical Quotation Server
Maxims of Madame de Sable Mfx' Quotations
Michael Moncur's Quotations Page Nederlandse Spreekwoorden en Gezegden
On Matters of Most Grave Concern Outriders of Reality Reference Manual and Travel Guide
Pefume for the Soul Periodic Quotation
Pratchett Quote File Proverbios, Citas y Frases
Quotation Guide Quotation Server
Quotations [lexmark.com] Quotations [madnet.net]
Quotations by Subject Quotations From Hell
Quotations of the Fortnight Quotations of William Blake [John Barger]
Quotations Pages Quote-O-Matic
QuoteMaster Library Quotes 'R' Us
Quotes - The Gathering Quotes [cid.com]
Quotes from A to Z Quotes from President Abraham Lincoln
Quotes of all Kinds Quotes, Quotes, and More Quotes
Random Thoughts Say WHAT?
Scott Weiser's Quote Page Slainte! Toasts, Blessings, and Sayings
Snow's Quotation Treasury Some Quotes I Like
Tenderich Ten Favorite Quotations Thought For Today
Todays Fortune Tycho's Quotation Archive
Whimsical Quotes WinWisdom
Words of Women Zingers
FAQ - alt.quotations Usenet - alt.quotations

Quotations Daily
100 Random Taglines 2DaysQuote
Angel Bytes Casper Weekly Gazette
Christian Quotation of the day Dave Barry Quote Of The Day
Frank Zappa Quote of the Day GayQuote Mailing List
ImageStream Quote of the Day Internet Movie Database Quote of the Day
Mark Twain Quote of the Day P.J. O'Rourke Quote of the Day
Pennies from Heaven Quote of the Day [Brian Pudliner]
Quote of the Day [Karen Oberst] Quote of the Day [Laura Lee]
Quote-a-Day QuotEmail
Quotes for Living Quotes of the Day
Teen Quote of the Day Words of Wisdom

Quotations Weekly
Arthur's Friends Quotes Bob Ross Quote of the Week
C. S. Lewis Quote of the Week Character Quote of the Week
Customer Is Always Right Quote of the Week Goofy Quote of the Week
Heather's Quote of the Week J World Quote of the Week
Quote of the Week Quotes of the Week [nethole.com]
Quotes of the Week [starlingtech.com] R.A.W.'s Thought for the Week
St. Augustine Quote of the Week Wacky Bible Verse of the week
Weekly Angel Quote

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